Resources for Thriving Leaders: Blog #3: “The Wait”


This weeks’ post was the 3rd blog in the series, “Thriving Leaders: Lessons from the Front Lines of Ministry: The Wait”. If you missed it, you can click  Thriving Leaders: Lessons From the Front Lines of Ministry (pt.3 “The Wait”) to read it.

Here are some resources I have found helpful for diving further into this important subject of waiting.

Pastor Jeff Strong wrote a helpful article entitled Jesus Wants You to Wait. The item can be found on Christianity Today Online. To access the article, copy and paste this link into your search engine:

Another helpful classic is Waiting on God by Andrew Murray Whitaker House 1981. This is a helpful book where Andrew Murray shares thirty-one heartfelt meditations, one for each day of the month, to help renew our vision and quicken our desire to turn to the Lord for His quiet, peaceful strength.

Another book by the same name is Waiting on God. by Wayne Stiles. Baker Books 2015.  The author unpacks the Old Testament story of Joseph, who teaches us to wait on God. A practical guide to finding hope and peace in life’s difficult pauses.



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